Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions") carefully.

Any products accessed, any additional products or deliverables downloaded or used, and any duplications or copies of any of the foregoing (collectively, the "product(s)") are the confidential and proprietary property of Cadence Design Systems (including any of its subsidiaries, "Cadence") or third parties from whom Cadence has obtained rights and are protected by United States copyright laws, other local laws and international treaty provisions.

You may only use the product(s) under a valid written license agreement with Cadence and subject to the terms thereof. You agree not to distribute copies of the product(s) to others or allow use by others, except as explicitly permitted under such written license agreement.

You further agree to take all reasonable steps to protect the product(s) from unauthorized reproduction, publication, use or distribution. If any product or portion thereof is copied to or used on a computer connected to a network, you must have a reasonable mechanism in place to ensure that the product may not be used or copied by unlicensed persons.

Cadence may utilize monitoring technologies to obtain and transmit non-proprietary data related to Cadence products(s). One use of this non-proprietary data is to identify unauthorized modifications to the product(s) and/or unauthorized use(s) of the product(s). Another use of this non-proprietary data is to improve the performance and capabilities of the product(s). The data collected may also be used to (i) check for and perform updates and improve the product(s), (ii) document application errors (such as crashes), and (iii) collect statistics on the capabilities used.

By downloading the product(s), you authorize that you have the authority to act on behalf of your employer. By downloading or using the product(s) you hereby agree to the use of such technology and transmission of such non-proprietary data by Cadence.

The Cadence Privacy Policy, which is incorporated into these Terms and Conditions by reference, may be found at http://www.cadence.com/Pages/privacy.aspx.

If you do not agree to the foregoing Terms and Conditions do not download any products.